Long time, no write!

Wow, it has been four years since I last posted an update. My goodness, how things have changed. Physically, mentally, spiritually, and even geographically. I was living in Philly, PA but in 2012 my (now ex) partner packed up and moved to Portland, OR. I got married, got divorced, found a career path. I am now 31 years old and as of just yesterday 7/14/17 I completed my physical transition by having bottom surgery done by Dr. Chen in San Francisco. I have been on testosterone for 5 years with great results.

Life kind of took precedent over blogging, but I am hoping to revive this blog and have it as an outlet for my experience as a man who is trans in this world. It is quite the journey, my friends.


tags: trans, ftm. transgender, transman, surgery, transition, bottom surgery

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