Here are some photos of me throughout my life. Enjoy!

I like to refer to this pic as “snowpuff”

Sweet baby Rae!

If I only still had those suspenders…

I’m ready for a hike!

I knew I was going to hell in a hand basket, even from a young age!

If only I still had those sweet turtle jammies!

Me (left) with my nephews, niece, and mother.

I’m not really an Eagles fan… this is kind of embarrassing πŸ™‚

Nerd πŸ™‚

Hey, flannel was”in” back then!

At a Pirates game!

Freedom πŸ™‚

Awkward teenage years, here we come!

On stage as “Jo” in Little Women, in 8th grade

I think I was up to no good in this picture πŸ™‚

…also up to no good in this picture too, hmmm… πŸ˜‰

Ha!! Oh, the irony.

At a party with friends, age 16 or 17

Homecoming dance, age 17

High school senior photo, 2004

Oh boy.

Freshman year

Sophomore year of college

About the time that my discovery of and fascination with polo shirts began

If my car could talk! I’ve had the same car since age 17

Circa age 19 or 20

Working on my senior project of college

College graduation day, May 2008

My family with me at graduation

Right after college

On my cross country road trip with my best friend in ’08

Goofing off with my partner πŸ™‚

Out for a night in AC

This was taken in ’09, right after I realized I am trans

ThisΒ  is smack in the middle of mental chaos in ’10

My softball reunion picnic summer of 2010. I played on a female softball league and I had not told anyone there that I identified as trans. It was bittersweet…

New years day, 2011. I’m out to some friends and things are still pretty hard, but getting better for sure.

April 2011, right before I switch my pronoun to “he”

This is me with my partner in May 2011, when I have switched my pronoun, but am not out to family and friends from home (photo credit: Nicolette K. Dugger Photography of St. Louis, MO)

This is me hiking the AT in early July 2011, just a few weeks before I tell my family I’m trans

Me right after I’ve come out to almost everyone, with Ranger, a rescue dog

September, 2011 as a comedian in the Gayborhood Games


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