Welcome to my immadudenow.wordpress.com!

This blog is meant to be an ongoing visual and written resource guide for folks to understand my transition from female to transman.

Who am I?

My name is Rae. I was born as Raeann, in 1986. I was raised as a girl and identified that way most of my life. I am currently 25 years old, and two years ago in 2009 I finally realized something that I had known all along, but had no way to describe: I am transgender. You can visit the “My Story” page to read alllll about it.

In the past two years I have come out to myself, family, friends and coworkers. I have changed my pronoun from “she” to “he” and in terms of physical changes, I am fundraising for chest surgery. I believe I will also be pursuing hormone replacement therapy, as well.

I have a glossary page on this website, and I really recommend spending some time there and consulting it often to understand what terms that I use throughout the website mean.

Please go forward with what you learn here, and pass this website along if you wish, but know that it is only my story, and my story alone. I do not wish to represent the transgender community as a whole. Everyone in the transgender community has their own, unique journey, and this is just mine.



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