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Well Hello! (like a year later)

So, I haven’t posted in a million years. It’s been a while, whew! Well, I’ve been up to a lot. 2012 has been the most insane year ever. I can’t promise that I will post consistently, because I can only get to the blog when I have time, but I just wanted to say that I’m still here! I have some time in the coming weeks so I am hoping to post a few things. Hope everyone is well 🙂

Transgender Day of Remembrance Poem

Goodnight Bravery

Rest still, brave one

You no longer have to fight

Lie peacefully in the darkness

I will hold your light

I will use my own eyes

To see the things you can no longer see

If you lived in lies

I promise to set your truth free

In your last moments

I wish there was something I could have done

I wish to have held your hand

To tell you that you are beautiful and loved

I’m sorry that you passed in loneliness and fear

Please know that you are not forgotten

We all remember, we are all here

And we are growing stronger and more restless

With each passing year

We could never forget

But we will never forgive

We will keep fighting

Until the year each and every one of us lives.

 ©R. Drew 2011

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Hi St. Joes People!

Hi folks that I visited at St. Joes on Wednesday! (11/2/2011)

Just wanted to say that you all were so lovely and I am so thankful to have been a guest in your classroom. Thank you for letting me share my experience with you and for listening so compassionately and intently. You’re the best! If you ever need to email me, please do so! rdrew.philly [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Please remember! Everyone who is trans walks a different path. There are so many expressions of gender across the board other than just male or female. Don’t assume someone identifies a certain way and challenge yourself to use gender neutral language.

Here is a quote you may like to keep in mind: “I know a space is safe when beauty in all forms is protected.” -Anonymous
Here are some things extra that you can do that we didn’t talk about in class:

  • Be kind and courteous and don’t assume or judge
  • Don’t fall for the gender trap! You can be whatever kind of man, woman, or in between human being you want. Sing, skip, wrestle, and enjoy whatever makes you happy and have the courage to not fear of judgment from others.
  • Turn off Facebook and spend that precious time educating yourself via blogs, websites, etc. Do a google search and see what happens!
  • Explore your own privilege
  • Start a conversation, be an ally!
  • Call out a homo/transphobic friend, family or community member
  • Suggest LGBT-friendly changes in policy and physical space in your communities
  • Use your faith to further your understanding of diversity and tolerance, and be an example for others

Thanks ya’ll! See ya next time! Visit my other sites if you want. Chest surgery fundraiser: and my professional site


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