Hello Free Library Folks!

Hello! Rae here! I just wanted to give a special shout out to anyone who is visiting my blog because they read an article about me in the BiblioFILe Fall Newsletter (Independence Branch Friends Newsletter).

I’m so excited to have been a part of the newsletter and to give back to the library, which has given me so much.

The money that I raised to donate to the library was half of the money that I raised at a fundraising event for my chest masculinization surgery. I created an event that was held at the William Way Community Center that was called Being Queer Saved My Life. So often we hear of our queer identities being a source of pain and death, so I decided to create an event that highlights how being queer is the best thing that ever happened to some of us! Performance artists and activists spoke personal narratives, interpretative performance, and sang about being the joys of being queer, and there was a community open mic portion as well. I raised around $600 and I kept $300, gave $150 to the Independence Branch Library and I strolled over to Giovanni’s room and spent $150 on titles the William Way Community Library didn’t have and donated them to that library. Yay for books!

My chest surgery is a key element of my transition, and I patiently and eagerly await the day that I have the funds collected to pursue the surgery – a $7,000 procedure (read more about chest surgery on the Low Down section of my blog). I am currently still raising funds through a project I started: The 7000 People Project. The goal is to get 7,000 people to donate $1 to my surgery. A Japanese proverb says that even dust overtime can become a mountain 🙂 I’m also trying to use the project to examine the human experience of self-actualization, something that is not only relevant to the transgender experience. If you have $1 to spare or an idea about what it means to discover “self,” please visit http://7000peopleproject.org!


Than you for reading my article, and please feel free to visit my websites anytime!

For anyone who didn’t get to read the article, here it is:

If you’re interested in checking out the Barbara Gittings LGBT Collection at the Free Library Independence Branch of Philadelphia, it’s located on 7th street between Market and Chestnut. You can visit http://freelibrary.org for more info!

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